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About Me

Hi rock hounds, it’s Amanda!

I’m from Toronto originally, but moved to the Yukon because the rocks are nicer here. I studied earth and atmospheric science in university and love to share what I learned while I was there. I hope you will learn some fun facts about Yukon rocks and minerals from my website, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to go outside and explore rocks in your incredibly geologically diverse Yukon backyard.

Admiring rocks around the Yukon

Top photo: standing on a beautiful basalt dike in the Werneke mountains.

Bottom left: at a tiny glacial lake in the Carcross area.

Bottom centre: rusty rocks and bad weather for rock hounding.

Bottom right: looking for schist in Kluane. (Schist is a type of rock used in many geology jokes thanks to it being pronounced similarly to another, more vulgar word).