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Blog Post #1: Yukon Rock Hound Website

This website will be about rock hounding in the Yukon. I want to use this website to share information about different types of rocks that can be found in the Yukon, and some sites where they might be found.

A website will allow me to display pictures of rock and mineral samples with short write-ups about where each sample was found. I can also share maps of each sample’s location. It will also allow viewers to comment or ask questions about the samples. A website will make this information quickly accessible to more Yukoners.

In order to achieve these goals I need to create an overview of exactly what information I’d like to display on the site and make a plan of how the website will be structured. Next I will need to collect photos and info related to each rock/mineral sample that I want to feature. Finally I will figure out a way to display location data for each sample.

Left: quartz – the most common mineral in the world

Top Right: Chalcopyrite – a copper mineral mined in the Yukon

Bottom Right: Porphyry – a volcanic rock found in the Yukon